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Durlston Castle & The Globe

Durlston Castle and & The Globe
The Globe was constructed from Portland stone in Mowlem's Yard in Greenwich in 1887, for George Burt. Burt was Mowlems nephew and one-time partner.
It is popular belief that the construction was in London/Greenwich because there were not sufficiently skillful craftsmen locally.
It measures 10 feet in diameter, weighs 40 tons, and is of 15 sections.
It's position on the cliff is 136 feet above sea level.
We presume it was placed in 1888, parts of the surround were placed up to 1891.
There once was a charge to view The Globe when it was surrounded by vegetation, it is now in the clear.

The Globe

The Globe

The Lighthouse (built 1880) surmounting the cliff

The Lighthouse, from the sea.
Information: Belle Vue Refreshment Rooms at Durlston became Tilly Whim Inn, and then disappeared. Demolished or over the edge?
Seem to remember there was a 'beaten up' bus/van that used to tour the town.
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