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   If you walk out of Corfe Castle and imagine what it might of looked like before Cromwells troops got to it go to The Model Village at the corner of the Square.
   You can look at what the castle and village looked like before that fateful year of 1646.
   This model creation at 1/20 scale was the idea of, and funded by Eddie Holland, a local man with a local family. Construction was by Mr Jack Phillips of Parkstone in 1964-66. His potting shed has been made into a kind of memorial of the work carried out by him over many years.
   What he constructed in Purbeck stone is extraordinary, it takes in so much detail. Besides the Castle, St.Edward's Church is a miracle in minature, complete with music playing.
   All this is integrated into a garden with a wide selection of colour and fragrance, also a reminder of how minor offenders were dealt with in several of the original village stocks.


   After your visit you can relax in the secluded Courtyard Café and enjoy a very pleasent lunch, tea, cup of tea or coffee, or just an ice cream.
   The Model Village shop offers much to choose from as a momento of your visit to Corfe and the Isle of Purbeck.
   Whilst the Model Village is under new ownership (2002), refurbishment and improvement is taking place to make your visit more pleasant and memorable.
For more information   phone: 01929-481234      fax: 01929-481200
or click: Corfe Castle Model Village
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